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A Cross-Sectoral Innovators Group in Geneva

Innovation Council brings a voice of experience from the real economy about the enabling policies that will best support innovation and the diffusion of technology and knowledge over the long-term.

We believe that technological innovation and collaboration among innovators will be critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. We promote inclusive innovation systems, the sharing of know-how on mutually agreed terms, and a fair return for inventive efforts.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Innovation Council shares innovators’ perspectives on a range of issues, such as technology diffusion and knowledge-sharing, trade policies, IP protection and enforcement, commercialization of public R&D outcomes, competition rules, open technology standards, and investments in scientific capacity.

Global Innovation Experience

Our members are large and small organizations developing and commercializing new technologies and other solutions that improve people’s lives. We work across sectors and countries, delivering solutions in the form of new medicines, software, seeds, connected devices, processing equipment, materials, and more. Through Innovation Council, our innovators share practical experiences and insights with policymakers in order to contribute to the enactment of enabling policies for innovation and global technology diffusion.

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Innovation Council engages with policymakers and other stakeholders on a range of topics. To learn more about where we stand on these issues, click on the link below.

  • Inclusive Innovation Ecosystems
  • Policy Discussions and International Organizations
  • Innovation and the SDGs
  • Enabling Innovation Policies
  • Technology and Knowledge Diffusion
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