Innovation Council

We promote enabling policies for innovation and technology diffusion.

Our Experiences Shape Our Views

We support the development of solutions to society’s most pressing problems. We do this by working with officials to create the right conditions for technology to advance and flow.

Innovation Council shares perspectives about innovation and the policies that best support it with policymakers and others who are working to develop solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. Our perspectives are shaped by our members’ diverse experiences in bringing new technology solutions to people. We advocate for enabling innovation policy frameworks, such as effective IP systems, that are rooted in empirical evidence and that will support technology development and diffusion, across sectors, over the long-term.

Our Network of Innovators

Innovation Council brings together a diverse group of organizations developing new vaccines, connected devices, seeds, and other technologies and solutions that will improve people’s lives. Our voice reflects our members’ experiences in the real economy, across sectors and countries. Together, we advocate for policies that best support innovation and global technology diffusion over the long-term. To amplify our voice and create greater impact, we also partner with industry groups and other organizations.

The Innovation Council Team

Jennifer Brant Executive Director Innovation Council
Carolina Rodriguez Director Innovation Council Singapore
Trod Lehong Director Innovation Council South Africa
Kaveri Marathe Director Innovation Council USA
Mark Schultz Senior Advisor Innovation Council USA
Phil Wadsworth Senior Advisor Innovation Council USA
Utsav Bahl Research Associate Switzerland
Sorelle Henricus Communications Advisor Singapore
Sabrina Leung Italy

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