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Knowledge creates action – Invent Together

Invent Together is a coalition of organizations, universities, companies, and other stakeholders dedicated to understanding the diversity gaps in invention and patenting, and to supporting public policy and private initiatives to close them. Closing patent gaps would have significant benefits for individual inventors and society as a whole. Research shows that inventors with patents consistently earn higher incomes on average than non-inventors, even controlling for occupation, migrant status, and other factors.

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Policy approaches to close the intellectual property gender gap

Click here through Innovation Council’s presentation on “Policy approaches to close the intellectual property gender gap”. Innovation Council’s Jennifer Brant and Mark Schultz presented the findings on 29 July during the plenary session of the Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP) hosted by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

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The IC intervention starts at 01:38:52.

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Tackling the Gender and Racial Patenting Gap to Drive Innovation: Lessons from Women’s Experiences

This brief describes the challenges and facilitators to success that women inventors face at each stage of the process. It first discusses the systemic barriers to innovation and patenting faced by women, women’s lack of formal education on the patenting process, informal education on patenting and the importance of mentors, and gatekeepers to patenting. Then the brief details how barriers to the patenting process, and the supports women need to overcome them, differ by industry and sector. It concludes with policy and program recommendations that, if implemented, will help promote diversity in the innovation and patenting process. Watch the related panel discussion with women inventors, and Institute for Women’s Policy Research presents their research on the challenges women inventors face based on gender and race and how to overcome them. For more information, visit https://inventtogether.org/

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Red de mujeres innovadoras y propiedad industrial – 19 July

The Instituto Mexicano de la Propriedad Industrial (IMPI) is organising a the live broadcast, via Facebook Live, of the launch of the digital community of the Network of Innovative Women and Industrial Property, which will be chaired by the Ministry of Economy, Tatiana Clouthier on Monday 19 July, at 9:00 am (CDMX time). This is an initiative of IMPI in collaboration with WIPO, to encourage inventors and entrepreneurs to protect their creations, where you will find information, advice and mentoring in industrial property for women inventors and entrepreneurs, as well as a space to showcase success stories and break stereotypes.

Watch the event.

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Q&A with Innovation Council member Medixus

Innovation Council sat down with Nicole Kayode, Founder and CEO of Medixus to talk about her passion for health and social impact tech. She created a communication, collaboration and learning platform for doctors aimed at improving case management and clinical practice. Medixus believes that quality patient care relies on smooth communication between healthcare professionals, and access to resources that will further their development.

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Gender and Racial Diversity in Invention and Patenting: Lessons from Women’s Experiences

Joined by Invent Together and women inventors, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) will present new research on the challenges women inventors face based on gender and race and how to overcome them.

The event takes place on 20 July, 2pm ET.

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2021 Innovators Under 35

In the “35 Innovators Under 35” competition, the MIT Technology Review nominates more than 500 people every year and will showcase these global winners in their July/August issue and online. From this group, the Technology Review’s editors select the most promising 100 competitors to advance to the semi-finalist round, and the work of these top 100 contestants is then evaluated by a panel of judges with expertise in areas such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, software, energy, and materials. Using the insights from these rankings, the editors select the final list of 35.

Read the full story and scroll through the list of inventors.

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Trailblazing Women Engineers Inspire the Next Generation

In the United States, engineering remains one of the undergraduate majors with the smallest percentage of women. The percentage of women engineers in the workplace is even smaller. Inspire! is a collection of three educational videos, with an accompanying discussion guide, that will empower middle school and early high school girls to overcome obstacles facing girls and women in STEM fields, such as a lack of confidence and discouragement from others.

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Closing the Gender Gap in IP – Exploring Multi-stakeholder initiatives

Holly Fechner from Invent together is speaking in a sharing session on “Exploring Multi-stakeholder Initiatives that Encourage Women to Participate in, and Contribute to, the Innovation Ecosystem” organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on 07 July.

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