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Innovation Council posts reports, videos, and other resources about the innovation process and the policies that best support it. We flag recent developments, including policy proposals and actions, that affect innovation ecosystems. We also post inventors’ stories along with other developments, across sectors, from the real economy. You can search our online collection of resources using the search function or by selecting topics in the tags at the bottom of this page. We welcome your suggestions as to additional resources, recent developments, and events to post.


Moderated Discussion with Geneva Delegates: Insights from Biomanufacturing Experts

Innovation Council recently hosted an insightful webinar with leaders in biologics manufacturing and R&D from emerging markets. The speakers, Syed Ahmed from TechInvention, Charlie Nemugumoni from AVMI and Rajinder Suri from DCVMN drew on lessons from COVID-19 and practical experience to....

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Innovation Council Member Q&A: The African Vaccine Manufacturing Initiative (AVMI)

Innovation Council sat down with Patrick Tippoo, a founding member of the African Vaccine Manufacturing Initiative (AVMI), to learn more about their work with African and global partners to advocate for the establishment of sustainable vaccine development and manufacturing capacity in....

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Recent Developments

The Hidden Bridge featuring Laurie Self and Holly Fechner 

This insightful article from LINE Publication features Laurie Self and Holly Fechner as they highlight the progress that is being made to make....

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IP Podcast Series by 4iP

4iP have launched an ‘IP Stories’ podcast, looking at individuals’ unique perspectives on IP.  We think they are great and definitely....

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Innovation Council submission to the ITC investigation on the TRIPS Agreement

Innovation Council submitted these perspectives to the ITC investigation of COVID-19 Diagnostics and Therapeutics and Flexibilites under the....

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New EU Regulatory Regime for SEPs Will Upend Mobile Telecommunications Sector

This article from IP scholar Adam Mossoff presents the proposed EU SEP Regulation, which is due to be released on 26 April by DG....

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How Europe Should Answer The US Inflation Reduction Act

In this new paper from Bruegel, the authors explain the green subsidies in the US Inflation Reduction Act and recommend actions the EU might....

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Response to European Commission Intellectual property – New Framework for Standard-Essential Patents

This paper by Jonathan Barnett and other IP experts was released back in 2022 - but the analysis is still very relevant today. The authors....

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USPTO Pilot Program Reduced Gender Disparities in Patenting 

The United Stated Patents and Trademark Office undertook a randomized control trial to assess the value that could be provided by increasing....

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Q&A with Innovation Council Member Sawubona Mycelium

Innovation Council sat down with Neo Moloi, Co-Founder of the innovative South African SME Sawubona Mycelium, to learn more about his....

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Introducing Innovation Council All-Weather Roads Engineering

Innovation Council’s newest member, All-Weather Roads Engineering based in South Africa, commercialises a novel....

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